We know the science and the numbers are in –
shark populations are down,
climate change is real
and Nemo won’t have a home much longer.
What if your divers could make a huge impact?
teaching environmental education in school
improving the health of local dive sites
– inspiring kids to get underwater
– creating a powerful community atmosphere for sustainable change
Very few dive centre staff reading this won’t be experiencing drastic and notable changes at their sites. Most will be aware we are at the tipping point.
With your help we can inspire a new wave of ocean activists.


It’s easy –

  • Sponsor a driven and passionate diver with complementary training
  • Choose a PADI Pro to present in school assembly once a year to share the magic of diving
  • Write a (hopefully) glowing report on the positive effects of the internship


With 87% of tourists looking to travel more sustainably there has never been a better time to reassess your ecological footprint.

Employ a DMT with an eco heart and you’ll be helping to get consistent environmental education into schools.

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