Ocean Child is a collaborative effort sharing a clear, collective goal for healthy oceans and a brighter future.
Thank you to all those involved.



No environmental course would be complete without the legend himself, Sir David Attenborough. We introduce the lessons with clips from the Blue Planet series.

Sharkwater follows the late filmmaker Rob Stewart as he exposes the reality of the illegal shark fin industry.

These guys are as courageous as they are creative – using state of the art technology OPS are the game-changers behind films The Cove and Racing Extinction.

Greenpeace have stood at the forefront of the conservation movement for over 50 years in the fight for environmental justice.

Bridging the gap between art and science, Earth Vision Institute are the creators behind the educational content supporting the award-winning film Chasing Ice.

Sharing visual stories to highlight the affects of climate change on our oceans, Exposure Labs broke ground with Chasing Coral in 2017.

Documenting the four-year global expedition of ocean gyres, A Plastic Ocean documents the overwhelming extent of the plastic crisis.

18 year-old student Charlotte founded 60secs4oceans to inspire the next generation, hosting video interviews with leading marine biologists to uncover the drive and advice needed to work in the field.

Earthly Education utilises the power of social media and podcasts to deliver the facts, ideas and solutions for a brighter future.


Eric Chan


Jeremy Bishop



Aimee Hartley, founder of School Breathe designed our Zen breaks – exercises allowing students to feel the power of a full, healthy breathing pattern.


Green Fins Dive Guide e-Course aims to reduce the negative impacts of scuba diving on the underwater environment and is a prerequisite for the educators.


Inspiring kids in Chemistry for over 20 years and a passionate environmentalist, Aileen is a stunning teacher trainer and designer of the lesson plans.


Kyle Legall

Cardiff based artist Kyle is the creator behind our crew shirts. With the textiles industry accounting for 10% of global carbon emissions we knew mass producing t-shirts was out of the question.

Kyle designed and digitalised the Ocean Child stencil, ready to send to our crew to paint on a repurposed shirt.